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Spring has gone the gorse has been in abundance a splendid mass of yellow with its strong perfumed almost coconut smell followed by the heady scent of the Hawthorne blossom. The cuckoos returned early this year and we have been hearing them daily for some time now.  A sign of hope for summer.

The first foals were born a little later this year a good thing as the spring grass doesn't really comes through here until early May.They are now scampering around happily wiith their new friends at least most of them are, here is a very sleepy foal, sunbathing whilst Mum keeps an eye on things.

sleeping foal with mother

The swallows have again returned to us. Fantastic little birds, the "red arrows" of the bird world with their dexterity and speed of flying. 

baby swallows in nest

The deer are numerous in this area, no need to make special trips elsewhere to see them. Groups of females can often be seen laying down together in fieldsof grazing horses/ponies.

deer in field

Those of you who have been before will be interested to know that our neighbours geese now have some goslings.  It has been 7 years since they last had any. The six goslings in the photo with the goose and very protective gander are doing very well. A seventh gosling was sadly found upside down in a hole about 2 days after the others appeared.  A valiant attempt at hand-rearing is being made with lots of   TLC and swimming lessons in the water butt. Even if its not successful at least he/she will have been given a second chance.

goose, gander and goslings

The cotton grass is in bloom at present, the fluffy white heads waving gracefully in the breeze.
Don't try to walk over to them as they grow in the bogs.

cotton grass

A common spotted orchid I saw on my walk today


Updated 1st June 2009

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