Dogscome2 - 2010

This last winter we had very little snow, unfortunately like everywhere else lots of ice making it almost impossible to remain upright. After the beautiful warm spring-like weather we had, it is now quite cold but at least still dry.

We are now hearing the cuckoos regularly. The swallows are back and I saw a Montague harrier the other day, at least I am told that what it was. There is some debate here another friend said it was a hen harrier late leaving.

We have 2 new dogs, sadly Willow had to be put to sleep in August 2009. Her brother Ali-B was very miserable without her and lost interest in walks etc so in the middle of September we took on Teazle a 5 year old bitch to keep him company. She is the cleverest dog we have had. She had no training before she came to us but has learnt very fast, passed her KC obedience certificate (Silver) and is studying for her Gold test this month. She is also doing beginners agility - who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks!! and doing well! We are lucky enough to have a brilliant teacher her patience and understanding with rehomed dogs really pays dividends. Now its up to me - the handler.!! I think if Teazle could speak she would say "you can't get the staff these days".

Then, in the middle of December we rehomed a 2 year golden retriever "Champ" He is the "joker" in the pack and makes us laugh with his antics, particularly his impersonation of Oliver Twist when he brings his food bowl to be filled if his dinner is a little late. He is also studying KC obedience and is due to do his "Silver test" this month.

our pack at the gate

The pack at the gate - left to right - Ali-baba, Teazle and Champ

Amazingly our elderly dog Ali who is now 13 is still the Alpha of the pack. He had a bad turn recently but is now doing well. The other day he decided he had to repossess all the toys just to prove a point!

Again the badgers have been busy posturing and snarling at each other in the field - at least I know what the noise is now.

As our regular visitors know we have a number of large herds of fallow deer here including a white deer - hence the old pub names White Hart, White Buck. and also a golden one - the colour of a golden retriever. I hope to include a photo of it here but needless to say since I decided that I haven't seen it. Watch this space!!!

It is now September, since writing this our dear Ali was put to sleep in June, we miss him very much. Both new dogs, Champ and Teazle passed their KC Gold test in obedience. Teazle continues with agility and Champ has started gundog training.

At last the grass is green again, the forest animals are doing well, seeking out the lush new grass.


9th September 2010

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