Dogscome2 - 2013


15th March - "In like a lion out like a lamb" - hope so. We have had flurries of snow with very little settling, now just bitterly cold and very windy.

sharing gorse on a chilly day

sharing gorse on a chilly day in March

We have had some bitterly cold winds, the ponies were in a sheltered spot sharing the gorse shoots.

Our golden retriever Teazle had a major op (TPLO) on the other cruciate a week ago so is now convalescing. She's doing well so far but the most difficult thing is to get the other dog out for walks without her knowing!!! I wish! still in 2 weeks time I can start 5-10min walks 3 times daily building very, very slowly. Here is a recent picture of her doing what retrievers love most.

Teazle emerging from a pool (a lovely day with sun and blue sky polarising the light reflected in the water)

11th February - Well, it's been snowing again. It snowed heavily for a short time, the slushy wet stuff this time but nearly melted now. Still the dogs loved it. Walks in the snow, fantastic, ask them to leave their beds to go out of the back door when its raining or snowing - different story.

Here are a few snowy pictures from last month when we had a total of about 6" of snow.

Believe it or not, I was taking a photo of the ponies, Chance ran into the shot and stood there "posing"

its such fun

both dogs just enjoying themselves - running

29th March - this year's refurbishment is now finished, smart new curtains and tie backs in the living room, a new satellite installation (if you came last year you may remember we had some problems with continuity of signal) and new fencing and trellis work, very pretty. The shed has now also been updated so you will have a nice dry place to put your bicycles.

28th April - We first heard the cuckoo about 2 weeks ago and continue to hear it. At the moment we have the "blackthorn winter" so frost in the morning but it has been warmer and sunny, apart from the freak hail shower and thunder yesterday.

Here is a picture of Chance on his "5th walk" this evening. He does the 3 short physio walks with Teazle, then does 2 proper freerunning forest walks. What a happy chappie!

In landscape mode

7th July - Its hot, hot, hot so I took the dogs for their 2nd walk at 7pm this evening, it was gorgeous, quiet, peaceful, with the heady scent of wild roses and honeysuckle in the air. The dogs enjoyed dipping in and out of the stream. We surprised a buck (male deer), the dogs were as usual brilliant and ignored it. What I want to know is why is it that both dogs get muddy, Chance goes back into the stream to "wash off" and comes out clean, Teazle goes twice into the stream to "wash off" and still comes out dirty.

It is now 4 months since Teazle's op and she is free running 30 mins of her 50min walks.







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